Thanks to Life


Thankyou life for all you give, though often I don’t see

All those daily miracles you put in front of me

So blinded am I in my ways, I walk with blinkers on

Take for granted many things, then the moment is gone

I dwell too much on problems. no time for gratitude

Consumed by negativity, I must seem really rude

Ignorant to the blessings that surround me every day

Only notice some things when you take them away

I must raise my awareness so I’m in tune with you

And learn to shift my focus, change my point of view

I’ll see the tiny details life breathes through many things

Observe from your perspective the wonder that you bring

I’ll learn to be less selfish, for life is valuable

Priceless are your many gifts, you are unconditional

Sorry that it took so long to appreciate your worth

And really notice everything you show me here on Earth.

© Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark


Poems by Marcia – Opposites


Positive, negative, up or down

Life’s full of opposites

Then turns around

It mirrors our soul

Our innermost thoughts

Open your eyes

To the life you have brought

You may not believe

That you have created

All that’s before you

Good or ill-fated

You cannot deny

When you take a look

That you played a part

In your very own book

There’s always a choice

And no-one can say

Which is the right path

For us to take

We are all individuals

We are all unique

From the hair on our heads

To the shoes on our feet

Your choice and my choice

May not be the same

But life carries on

Throw the dice, play the game

Remember the wheel of life

Keeps on spinning

There’s always a flip-side

When you think you are winning.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection

Poems by Marcia – The Story of You


Life is a book to which we hold the key

It needn’t be such a mystery

We chose to write a page a day

As we go about things in our own way

No two books are ever the same

They are personal to us and will always remain

Unique in their content, fresh in their style

Full of events that made life worthwhile

So what is your story – how would it read?

Is it boring and sad or full of intrigue?

Do you live for the moment or let things pass by?

Are you happy with how you go about life?

At the end of your days when you look back

Will you be accomplished on your chosen path?

Or will you fall short and not make the grade

For the route that you took and decisions you made?

Never blame anyone else in your life

For the way it’s turned out, whether wrong or right

Live it on your terms, be true to yourself

A best-selling novel to grace the shelf.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

Poems by Marcia – A Gentle Shake


I’m here to give you a gentle shake

To wake you up inside

Light the fires of all your dreams

Renew your lust for life

Like a howling wind or a bird that sings

I’ll reach right through to your core

Be in your head as you lie in bed

Motivate you once more

Get you back upon your horse again

To hold the reins of life

Steer, control, uplift your soul

I’ll be right by your side

Journey on, life is fun

It starts with just one step

Follow your nose, go with the flow

Have no time for regrets

Listen within, let your instinct direct

For it knows you more than yourself

Trust how you feel to know what is real

Your inner voice happy to help

Each day is a chance to start a new life

Decide what you want – make it happen!

Your dreams are only a thought away

So turn your thoughts to action.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection

Poems by Marcia – A Thought for the Day


Do you flow through life, or does life flow through you?

Do you know you control what happens to you?

Each path that you take, every thought that you make

Determines your life – it is yours to create

Two people could face the same situation

But their thoughts and actions would produce different outcomes

Which just goes to prove that how we think and feel

Affects our surroundings and how we perceive ‘real’

We are the directors of our own lives

Trusting our instinct to tell us what’s right

Be guided by self, believe in your dreams

Create your reality, turn thoughts into things.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark