Poems by Marcia – The Story of You


Life is a book to which we hold the key

It needn’t be such a mystery

We chose to write a page a day

As we go about things in our own way

No two books are ever the same

They are personal to us and will always remain

Unique in their content, fresh in their style

Full of events that made life worthwhile

So what is your story – how would it read?

Is it boring and sad or full of intrigue?

Do you live for the moment or let things pass by?

Are you happy with how you go about life?

At the end of your days when you look back

Will you be accomplished on your chosen path?

Or will you fall short and not make the grade

For the route that you took and decisions you made?

Never blame anyone else in your life

For the way it’s turned out, whether wrong or right

Live it on your terms, be true to yourself

A best-selling novel to grace the shelf.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark


Poems by Marcia – Whole Again


That rush of nerves – those butterflies!

I cannot hide my feelings

Wrapped up in thought, I’m mesmerised

You’ve really got me reeling

You hold my hand and I just melt

I want to punch the air!

So proud to have you by my side

So happy you are there

I hate it when we separate

I do not feel complete

The only thing that makes me whole

Is you, each time we meet

You’re more than just a soulmate

You’re my lover and my friend

We share a love eternal

That is never going to end

You make me feel so wonderful

And enhance all that I do

Your encouragement and compliments

Fill me with love for you

You lift me up when I am down

And wipe away my tears

You hold me close when I need

Some comfort from my fears

So forgive me when my stomach churns

It’s just anticipation

I carry all this love for you

It’s in my heart, just waiting

To see your face, share special times

To reflect on when we’re older

Thank you for the joy you bring

I really am bowled over!

(c) ┬áMarcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

Poems by Marcia – Time to Shine


Hey you, looking in the mirror!

Hold your head upright

Smile at the person staring back at you

They are awesome – they are alright

Look into their eyes for a moment

Hold their gaze, don’t be shy; be strong

The person staring back has a presence

They are sure in life; they belong

They don’t consider themselves a misfit

Charisma just pours from their veins

The person staring back has the confidence

To hold and steer life’s reins

Take time to admire that reflection

Love what you see; be content

If the person staring back isn’t happy

Ask yourself where they went

Pick up from the point where you lost them

Take a new path, you will be fine

The person staring back has a duty

To let everyone see how they shine

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – Taken from Shades of Light and Dark