Poems by Marcia – Time to Shine


Hey you, looking in the mirror!

Hold your head upright

Smile at the person staring back at you

They are awesome – they are alright

Look into their eyes for a moment

Hold their gaze, don’t be shy; be strong

The person staring back has a presence

They are sure in life; they belong

They don’t consider themselves a misfit

Charisma just pours from their veins

The person staring back has the confidence

To hold and steer life’s reins

Take time to admire that reflection

Love what you see; be content

If the person staring back isn’t happy

Ask yourself where they went

Pick up from the point where you lost them

Take a new path, you will be fine

The person staring back has a duty

To let everyone see how they shine

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – Taken from Shades of Light and Dark


Poems by Marcia – Bruises


I’ve fought some wars

I bear the scars

Each wound a story to tell

A lesson learned

Or fingers burned

Life always turns out well

Good or bad

Happy or sad

Experiences are what shape us

It’s how we respond

To what comes along

That’s going to make or break us

We have a choice

To use our voice

And let ourselves be heard

Allow people to see

We are unique

Through deeds as well as words

Whatever your battle

With which you wrestle

No-one wins or loses

But we do all grow

Whether friend or foe

And learn from all life’s bruises.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection

Poems by Marcia – A Friend in your Pocket


I’m a friend in your pocket

To brighten up your day

A little thought-provoking book

To guide you on your way

A poem for all your emotions

I cover the bad and the good

And reflect on life’s situations

Whilst offering my hand out, with love

I speak from the voice of experience

And a heart that knows pleasure and pain

I’m grateful for all of life’s lessons

So I can help you on your feet once again

Please keep me inside your pocket

Refer to my poems now and then

It’s comforting to know that wherever you go

My words help you love, grow and mend.

(c) Marcia J Kenyon – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

Poems by Marcia – A Puzzle to Solve


What is a life without challenge?

We can’t have it good all the time

Each test we take is progress made

A lesson to share down the line

To pass on our knowledge and wisdom

Is what helps our world to evolve

We would never grow if life was just so

Each day brings a puzzle to solve

So deal with each problem directly

Don’t bury your head in the sand

Face things straight on ’til the issue is gone

Or life will just get out of hand

Be thankful to find a solution

For the answer is always in reach

Often it lies in front of our eyes

If we take off the blinkers to see

For everything we ever need

Is always within our grasp

We have the tools, we have the skills

To deal with every task

So have faith in yourself, move forward

Notice the signs that life gives

Hesitation and procrastination

Are not words by which to live

Feel the benefit for taking action

Sigh a huge breath of relief

There is nothing in life we can’t deal with

So long as we have self-belief

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon – Taken from The Butterfly Collection

On the loss of a loved one

Please find below a poem I wrote regarding the loss of a loved one. My mother passed away last Sunday after a three month battle with cancer. I dedicate this to her and my family, and to all those who are facing a similar situation.  She was an amazing woman who fostered and later adopted me, and gave me a life I would never have otherwise had.  


Don’t cry too hard for I am free
To walk the earth like never before
I have not left you totally
I’ve just gone through another door

God called my name, I held his hand
It was time for us all to move on
Now I sit in peace in a beautiful land
Looking over the family I am from

The only pain is in my heart
There is no suffering here
Don’t ever feel we are apart
For I am always near

I guide you each and every day
Sharing emotions, the joy and the tears
Heaven and I are just a prayer away
When you seek comfort from your fears

Don’t worry about me, for happy am I
I’ve found solace in my new neighbourhood
The sun shines brightly, the flowers never die
And the language we speak is called love

Knowing I am fine now, you too must move on
Face the challenges a new day can bring
Please don’t mourn because I have gone
It will never change anything

One step at a time, day by day
You must begin to take control of your destiny
I urge you to follow whatever comes your way
Because I know God will one day bring you back to me

So don’t cry too hard, for I am free
To walk like never before
I could never leave someone who is part of me
And whom I’ll cherish for ever more

(c) Marcia J Kenyon – from ‘The Butterfly Collection’