The Feud


“Life is too short” you hear people say

Yet families and friends fall out every day

As time goes by and life moves on

You wonder how on Earth the whole thing began

With every argument there are always two sides

No matter how much you believe you were right

There is a relenting period that very often passes

Because you were too proud to ask for forgiveness

So the saga continues, blown out of proportion

You lead separate lives as you feel there’s no option

It is sad for those who have honestly tried

Only to have their efforts ignored and denied

But worse for those who just can’t be bothered

To put the past behind them and their best foot forward

Time is the best healer to resolve a fight

Love is the best medicine to make things all right

So if you’re in this predicament and have done your very best

Be patient, be strong and let time do the rest.

(C) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection





I’m sorry for my part in the row

Which looking back seems silly now

A point was made, and yes, I heard

It minced between those hurtful words

I want to put things right again

My heart has never known such pain

Surely you are hurting too

Wondering what we both should do?

I love you and I want you back

We need to get together and chat

To clear the air, air our views

Heal the wounds and kiss the bruise

You know the place where I can be found

I anticipate that you will come round

As day turns to night and night renews

I hope it mends our broken fuse.

© Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection

Poems by Marcia – The Many Facets of Love


Love is the reason that we are here

Its universal message so loud and clear

Fathomless and often so misunderstood

A mystery, through history, this thing we call love

Its facets and depths surround us each day

Always indifferent – never the same

What’s good for me is not good for you

We all have our tolerances and points of view

We can think love, feel love or choose not to know

Swap red blood for blue blood as cold as pure snow

But a person without love will wither and die

Like a flower without water starved of life

When on our death bed it is love we will want

Our friends and the family, not what’s in the bank

Love is in nature and places we visit

Not in possessions and everyday gimmicks

Love keeps on giving, it’s a powerful force

We’ve all felt its magnitude from some kind of source

A happier place is the world seen with love

For it conquers the negative and shows us the good.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, (2015) – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

Poems by Marcia – A Gentle Shake


I’m here to give you a gentle shake

To wake you up inside

Light the fires of all your dreams

Renew your lust for life

Like a howling wind or a bird that sings

I’ll reach right through to your core

Be in your head as you lie in bed

Motivate you once more

Get you back upon your horse again

To hold the reins of life

Steer, control, uplift your soul

I’ll be right by your side

Journey on, life is fun

It starts with just one step

Follow your nose, go with the flow

Have no time for regrets

Listen within, let your instinct direct

For it knows you more than yourself

Trust how you feel to know what is real

Your inner voice happy to help

Each day is a chance to start a new life

Decide what you want – make it happen!

Your dreams are only a thought away

So turn your thoughts to action.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection

Poems by Marcia – A Thought for the Day


Do you flow through life, or does life flow through you?

Do you know you control what happens to you?

Each path that you take, every thought that you make

Determines your life – it is yours to create

Two people could face the same situation

But their thoughts and actions would produce different outcomes

Which just goes to prove that how we think and feel

Affects our surroundings and how we perceive ‘real’

We are the directors of our own lives

Trusting our instinct to tell us what’s right

Be guided by self, believe in your dreams

Create your reality, turn thoughts into things.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

Poems by Marcia – Whole Again


That rush of nerves – those butterflies!

I cannot hide my feelings

Wrapped up in thought, I’m mesmerised

You’ve really got me reeling

You hold my hand and I just melt

I want to punch the air!

So proud to have you by my side

So happy you are there

I hate it when we separate

I do not feel complete

The only thing that makes me whole

Is you, each time we meet

You’re more than just a soulmate

You’re my lover and my friend

We share a love eternal

That is never going to end

You make me feel so wonderful

And enhance all that I do

Your encouragement and compliments

Fill me with love for you

You lift me up when I am down

And wipe away my tears

You hold me close when I need

Some comfort from my fears

So forgive me when my stomach churns

It’s just anticipation

I carry all this love for you

It’s in my heart, just waiting

To see your face, share special times

To reflect on when we’re older

Thank you for the joy you bring

I really am bowled over!

(c)  Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

Poems by Marcia – Human Nature


So you’ve had a bad day

You’re angry and tired

Fed up of people

The cheats and the liars

Sick to your back teeth

Of gossip and scandal

You’ve had your fill

All you can handle

You want to shut the door

And hide

From the evil world

That lurks outside

Pretend for a moment

That you don’t exist

Would anyone notice?

Would you be missed?

It’s human nature

To feel this way

The dips in life

Have a role to play

They teach us endurance

And how to survive

To deal with others

On the path of life

So if you think

Today has been a mess

Tell yourself

It’s just been a test

To make you appreciate

All that is good

It’s just life’s way of checking

That you’ve understood.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection