Poems by Marcia – The Many Facets of Love


Love is the reason that we are here

Its universal message so loud and clear

Fathomless and often so misunderstood

A mystery, through history, this thing we call love

Its facets and depths surround us each day

Always indifferent – never the same

What’s good for me is not good for you

We all have our tolerances and points of view

We can think love, feel love or choose not to know

Swap red blood for blue blood as cold as pure snow

But a person without love will wither and die

Like a flower without water starved of life

When on our death bed it is love we will want

Our friends and the family, not what’s in the bank

Love is in nature and places we visit

Not in possessions and everyday gimmicks

Love keeps on giving, it’s a powerful force

We’ve all felt its magnitude from some kind of source

A happier place is the world seen with love

For it conquers the negative and shows us the good.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, (2015) – taken from Shades of Light and Dark


Poems by Marcia – Human Nature


So you’ve had a bad day

You’re angry and tired

Fed up of people

The cheats and the liars

Sick to your back teeth

Of gossip and scandal

You’ve had your fill

All you can handle

You want to shut the door

And hide

From the evil world

That lurks outside

Pretend for a moment

That you don’t exist

Would anyone notice?

Would you be missed?

It’s human nature

To feel this way

The dips in life

Have a role to play

They teach us endurance

And how to survive

To deal with others

On the path of life

So if you think

Today has been a mess

Tell yourself

It’s just been a test

To make you appreciate

All that is good

It’s just life’s way of checking

That you’ve understood.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection

Poems by Marcia – A Friend in your Pocket


I’m a friend in your pocket

To brighten up your day

A little thought-provoking book

To guide you on your way

A poem for all your emotions

I cover the bad and the good

And reflect on life’s situations

Whilst offering my hand out, with love

I speak from the voice of experience

And a heart that knows pleasure and pain

I’m grateful for all of life’s lessons

So I can help you on your feet once again

Please keep me inside your pocket

Refer to my poems now and then

It’s comforting to know that wherever you go

My words help you love, grow and mend.

(c) Marcia J Kenyon – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

New Me, New Blog!

Hi readers,

This is just a shameless plug for my new blog entitled, A Journey with Myself which you can discover by clicking the link below:



It is meant as a blog of self-discovery where I write about new experiences as I tread the path of life alone, and to show others who are battling with themselves that if I can step out of my comfort zone, so can they!  I now have a new camera and therefore hope to post a lot more photographs and keep it different in its content and style than this blog.

I hope many of you will take a look, for some reason it’s not getting ‘out there’ and I’m wondering if I’m not doing my tags and catagories correctly?  Any advice would be gratefully received.

Please be sure to take a visit and hopefully subscribe to receive all future posts.  Thanks everyone!