Lead or be Led


How do you view your place in the world

Are you the director or are you controlled

Do you let things happen or steer the car

Are you happy to be the person you are?

Do you feel you have grown as each year goes by

Have you realised your dreams or watched them subside

Are you passionate about the things that you do

Does enthusiasm ooze from you?

When was the last time you set a goal

Then went in search of your pot of gold

How did it feel along the way

To strive for ambition day by day?

We are what we think, so think yourself great

Be the best person that you can create

What is the legacy you’d like to leave

What is the purpose that you must achieve?

We all have a choice to lead or be led

Dictated by what’s going on in our head

When we decide what we want from life

New doors will open, look for the signs

The people, the places, the tools are at hand

To carve the life that we demand

So chisel away at whatever it is

Life is a present, unwrap your gift.

© Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection


Thanks to Life


Thankyou life for all you give, though often I don’t see

All those daily miracles you put in front of me

So blinded am I in my ways, I walk with blinkers on

Take for granted many things, then the moment is gone

I dwell too much on problems. no time for gratitude

Consumed by negativity, I must seem really rude

Ignorant to the blessings that surround me every day

Only notice some things when you take them away

I must raise my awareness so I’m in tune with you

And learn to shift my focus, change my point of view

I’ll see the tiny details life breathes through many things

Observe from your perspective the wonder that you bring

I’ll learn to be less selfish, for life is valuable

Priceless are your many gifts, you are unconditional

Sorry that it took so long to appreciate your worth

And really notice everything you show me here on Earth.

© Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from Shades of Light and Dark

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