I am the author of three books; two collections of inspirational poetry – Shades of Light and Dark and The Butterfly Collection – and a handbook for those wishing to learn the Tarot, entitled Tarot Keywords and Meanings.  All books are on Amazon Kindle, and in paperback form and available via many online outlets and bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Booktopia,uread.com, and Createspace.

I have written for many years and my work has been published by many greeting card publishers in the UK as well as my local newspaper, national magazines and in anthologies. My guidelines for aspiring writers can be found on the Greeting Card Association website click here for details.

I draw on my real-life experiences to be able to write from the heart, although my poetry is open to one’s own interpretation. I am a real free-spirit, have always been ‘different’ and not one to follow the crowd!  I live life on my own terms and personal happiness is very important to me, I make my living being ‘myself’.

After over twenty years of working in offices I decided it was time to take life into my own hands and explore my creative side. I completed the piano grades that I began as a child, left my job and began to teach piano to beginners. I got into TV as a background extra and chaperone and have appeared on many popular UK productions – see the link below – I am currently represented by Mad Dog Casting in Manchester, England. 

I am inspired by Patience Strong and Helen Steiner Rice and it is my ambition to be a household name and sell my inspirational books through card and gift shops worldwide. 

I have two sons both of whom I’ve actively encouraged to always chase their dreams, and they now have jobs that reflect who they are.  Between us all we work in music, theatre, television, film, publishing and media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marciajkenyon

Website: http://marciajkenyon.yolasite.com/

If you wish to contact me, please click the ‘contact’ tab at the top of the page.  Thank you for your interest.



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