Poems by Marcia – Opposites


Positive, negative, up or down

Life’s full of opposites

Then turns around

It mirrors our soul

Our innermost thoughts

Open your eyes

To the life you have brought

You may not believe

That you have created

All that’s before you

Good or ill-fated

You cannot deny

When you take a look

That you played a part

In your very own book

There’s always a choice

And no-one can say

Which is the right path

For us to take

We are all individuals

We are all unique

From the hair on our heads

To the shoes on our feet

Your choice and my choice

May not be the same

But life carries on

Throw the dice, play the game

Remember the wheel of life

Keeps on spinning

There’s always a flip-side

When you think you are winning.

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon, 2015 – taken from The Butterfly Collection


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