Poems by Marcia – A Puzzle to Solve


What is a life without challenge?

We can’t have it good all the time

Each test we take is progress made

A lesson to share down the line

To pass on our knowledge and wisdom

Is what helps our world to evolve

We would never grow if life was just so

Each day brings a puzzle to solve

So deal with each problem directly

Don’t bury your head in the sand

Face things straight on ’til the issue is gone

Or life will just get out of hand

Be thankful to find a solution

For the answer is always in reach

Often it lies in front of our eyes

If we take off the blinkers to see

For everything we ever need

Is always within our grasp

We have the tools, we have the skills

To deal with every task

So have faith in yourself, move forward

Notice the signs that life gives

Hesitation and procrastination

Are not words by which to live

Feel the benefit for taking action

Sigh a huge breath of relief

There is nothing in life we can’t deal with

So long as we have self-belief

(c) Marcia J. Kenyon – Taken from The Butterfly Collection


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