Tarot Keywords and Meanings soon to be in print

tarot keywords and meanings

Some of you may be aware that I am the author of three books – two of poetry and one about the Tarot, all available on Amazon.  I have some good news and I’m very excited!

I have been working on getting my book on the Tarot into print through CreateSpace (an Amazon company) and hopefully it will be ready to buy as a paperback within days. Watch this space…..in the meantime visit http://tinyurl.com/pdw68jf on Amazon to see the Kindle version.

So, this is all part of my journey with myself – I am finally realising my dream of having a book in print.  It’s been a great experience self-publishing the Kindle versions of my books, but to now have one in print is just amazing.  I have learned from the whole process and no doubt the poetry books will follow as paperbacks.

I chose to print the tarot book first because it has the most demand.  If ever i have offered it for free in the past I have cleared over 500 or more copies in just a few days, the interest is definitely there.  So I hope you will continue to follow my blog, watch my progress and maybe even purchase one of my books.  You can find more info by clicking any of the icons in the side panel to the left of this page, they will take you to all my book links and my Facebook page.

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