The Smallest Amount can make The Biggest Difference

latest fundraising amountMany of you may be aware that I lost my mum earlier this year to cancer.  Her death has certainly left a void in my life but I am doing something positive by fundraising for my local hospice, whom helped in her care.

On June 20th, 2015 I will participate in an 8 mile Midnight Memories Walk.  It is the first fundraising event I have ever done and I’m proud to be doing this in memory of my mum and to raise vital funds so that the hospice can continue its excellent work.

Until life (or death) prompts us otherwise, we don’t often consider the good work of many organisations because they just tick away in the background, yet many rely on the generosity of others.  However, observing the level of care Bolton Hospice provided and how they helped mum in her final months raised an awareness in me and so it feels only right to give something back by doing fundraising events.

So, I’m hoping my readers and followers will support me by pledging a donation (it can be anonymous) by visiting my fundraising page.  Here is the link:

Details of the walk can be found by visiting: 

I will post from time to time to update you on how I’m doing, and of course will be writing about the event.  Please visit the link above and read my story.  Many thanks.


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