On the loss of a loved one

Please find below a poem I wrote regarding the loss of a loved one. My mother passed away last Sunday after a three month battle with cancer. I dedicate this to her and my family, and to all those who are facing a similar situation.  She was an amazing woman who fostered and later adopted me, and gave me a life I would never have otherwise had.  


Don’t cry too hard for I am free
To walk the earth like never before
I have not left you totally
I’ve just gone through another door

God called my name, I held his hand
It was time for us all to move on
Now I sit in peace in a beautiful land
Looking over the family I am from

The only pain is in my heart
There is no suffering here
Don’t ever feel we are apart
For I am always near

I guide you each and every day
Sharing emotions, the joy and the tears
Heaven and I are just a prayer away
When you seek comfort from your fears

Don’t worry about me, for happy am I
I’ve found solace in my new neighbourhood
The sun shines brightly, the flowers never die
And the language we speak is called love

Knowing I am fine now, you too must move on
Face the challenges a new day can bring
Please don’t mourn because I have gone
It will never change anything

One step at a time, day by day
You must begin to take control of your destiny
I urge you to follow whatever comes your way
Because I know God will one day bring you back to me

So don’t cry too hard, for I am free
To walk like never before
I could never leave someone who is part of me
And whom I’ll cherish for ever more

(c) Marcia J Kenyon – from ‘The Butterfly Collection’


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